The Danger of Sunday Night Anxiety

This is a real thing for many people. The weekend has been fun and away from the stressors of having to get things done all week but later in the day on Sunday, there is a little anxiety that starts to creep in. You are thinking about what awaits you (known and unknown) Monday morning. Stress and Anxiety begins to build and this might lead to a crummy sleep and then you wake up Monday morning tired and anxious about doing all that you have to do. Let’s make a Plan so that you keep Sunday Night Anxiety at bay and meet Monday with your best self.

  1. Make a Plan last week. Many people get Sunday Night Anxiety because they know they have a bunch of stuff to do Monday morning but don’t know where to begin. How about just before you shut it down on Friday, you make a plan of things that need to be addressed Monday? You can take a look at this Sunday if you wish or you can just enter into Monday knowing that you have a plan.
  2. Stay in the Now Don’t let what may or may not happen in the coming week affect what you are up to on your weekend. Maybe you are having late morning coffee or having dinner and the thoughts of what you need to do Monday enter your mind. Shut it down. Stay in your moment and enjoy your weekend time. Don’t worry, Monday isn’t going anywhere, it will be there when you get there.
  3. Maybe bring it down a notch or two Hey, they don’t call it FriYay for no reason. That doesn’t mean that you have to go to the limit all weekend. Blow off some steam with some drinks or go run that marathon but don’t exhaust yourself to the point that are tapped out when Monday rolls around.
  4. Get Outside The weekend is the time that allows you the time to get lost if you want. Get outside. Breathe that air. Move that body. (Bonus Points: No need to check your phone when you are outside.)
  5. Get some Sleep Do your best to get some really good sleep on Sunday night. Do this by setting yourself up for success by creating a great sleep environment: No TV or work in the bedroom Get rid of lights as well as blue lights Turn off that cellphone an hour before bedtime Try out some meditation before you go to bed. Try an app that induces calming feelings