Make a Plan… 3 Things to Do

Anxiety comes in many different forms and comes at many different times. For some people, it can feel like a slow build where – over time, it gets bigger and bigger everyday. One way to combat this is to make a plan that will stem this building cycle. We recommend beginning with three things to do (or to not do) that will keep anxiety at bay. We have some ideas what these three things might be but feel free to come up with your own three things and then switch them out if they don’t feel right or if they lose their effectiveness.

Eliminate Inputs that can Overwhelm You… the News
For many people, the constant onslaught of the news and all of the craziness that is happening and things that you have no control over is too much. Try it. In its place, pull up a podcast that fills you with good thoughts. Watch a stupid video. Tap into a favourite music playlist.

Shut down your Brain and your Phone when you go to Sleep
Make a plan to get good sleep. (Go to the Sleep page of this website.) A big part of this plan is to put down your phone an hour before you go to bed. No need to keep diving into the depths of social media. Give it a rest and get ready to give you mind a rest.

Move your Body
It might be working out hardcore. It might be going for a walk. It might be going to a room by yourself and dancing… and bad dancing is just fine. Moving is a release. Just let go and here’s an idea to go along with what I just said… wait for it… you don’t have to take your phone with you. I know… a crazy idea. Give it a whirl.

As with many of the ideas that we present to you, do what works for you. Take some of The Arrow Method CBD in conjunction with this or another technique. There is no magic answer but there are many ways to go about getting through times of anxiety. Hopefully this is the one for you.