Recommended Dosages


I’m gonna put this out there before we get into what is the optimal dosage for the individual…
There is no universal dosage for everyone.  Everyone is unique and there are sooooo many factors that you have to factor in when determining what is the right dosage for you.  And here is the kicker… your dosage can change as you get more accustomed to taking CBD and as your life changes.
Hey… the FDA has yet to determine what is the recommended dosage for CBD.
Okay… so that is out there…
Let’s talk about things you should think about and some rules that we like to follow when determining what is the right dosage of CDB.
Some basic things to consider:
  • Body Weight
  • Concentration of the CBD product
  • The type of CBD product (tincture, gummies, capsules, etc.)
  • How your body responds to CBD
  • When you last ate
  • Level of Hydration
  • Lack of Sleep
We don’t want to make it too complicated or to overwhelm you but we do want to offer some insight into how best to take the guesswork out of taking CBD. The diagram and the concepts listed below are not meant to be the complete guide to CBD dosage but they should be seen as a good framework for you too make more informed decisions.

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